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Opening weekend at Sonny's was a success!  Acoustifried kicked it off last Saturday to a standing room ready to party!  We cant thank you all enough but we'll try anyways! :)  Thank you to each and everyone of you who came out to Sonny's on the Lake to party it up!  Spring is here and the weather was just perfect!  Thank you to Ryta for running such a good venue for us bands to play at!  And thank you to the waitstaff and bartenders @ Sonnys!  Yall know how to take care of some people!  Thanks so much to all our fans who came out to get fried with us!  We'll be at Sonny's all season long.  Check our schedule on the front page to see when!  Until next time, dont get denied... KEEP IT FRIED!  PEACE! LOVE! :)


WOW!  What a fun filled weekend we had!!  First Acoustifried rocked the house @ O'Mainnins last Friday night and we had an even better time than last time!  More people, more fun!!  Thanks to the wonderful bartenders who took good care of us!  And thank you to everyone who was able to make it out, we really appreciate it!  Then Acoustifried debuted @ Biggies and what an awesome venue that place is!  The owners , bartenders and waitstaff were just excellent and very professional with everyone!  Thanks for having us out and we look forward to coming back soon!  We would like to thank everyone who came out to Biggies to show your support for us.  We had so much fun both nights, we cant wait to do it again this Saturday!  So if you missed us this weekend, you can check us out this Saturday playing in the sun on the lake @ Sonny's on the lake! Until next time, KEEP IT FRIED! SHINE ON!  :) PEACE & LOVE!

Thank you to everyone who came out to check out Acoustifried last Saturday!  We had fun rockin' out lil' nyny!  Thanks to Tammy and her friends, Denise & John, Daniel & Mel, Lil' D, Don, Gaye, Melissa, Jp Lewis & sorry if we forgot anyone else, there were quite a few people hanging out and thats what we love to see!  Again, just wanted to thank everyone who made this night fun because we sure had a good time!!!  Acoustifried is off this weekend, so please check out some of our talented local bands in the area this weekend.  We'll be back Saturday April 6th to lite up Biggies in Kingsport.   So dont worry bout the weather, just KEEP IT FRIED - Twenty four seven, three sixty FIVE! PEACE & <3

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Greeneville VFW last weekend!  We had a really good time and yall were too kind!!  Thanks for buying all our CDs and showing us so much appreciation.  THANK YOU!  And a big thank you to Billie for taking good care Acoustifried!  We just really like that place and we cant wait to be back next month on Saturday April 22nd!  Look out for us this weekend @ New York, NY in Johnson City this Saturday night!  Til next time Acoustifriends.... KEEP IT FRIED!  PEACE & LOVE!  :)

We here @ Acoustifried want to thank everyone who came out March 9th, 2013 to party with us @ O'mannins!  We had a blast!  Thanks to all our fans and friends who came out to see us give the business to Bristol.  The warn hospitable staff were very nice and we want to thank you as well!  Jeff, thanks for the drinks!  Diamond Dave, thanks for taking great pics of the band!  Looking forward to our return!  PEACE! LOVE! & ACOUSTIFRIED!

A little late, but still wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who came out to the Woodstone Deli last Saturday night!  Wow, we had a blast and you all made it so much fun!!  Thanks to everyone taking pictures of us :)  Especially Melisa Jessee for taking these 2 pics!  You even got our banner in there! :)  And thank you to the Woodstone for having us out.  We are looking forward to next time.  So until next time, PEACE! FRIED! AND HURRY UP SPRING TIME!!  =)


We couldnt agree more Mary!  Thank you to Mary Ashley 'To Be' for our new T-Shirt slogan!  Looks great!!!  =)  See you and Neil tonite @ Sonny's on the Lake!

What a great time we had at the Greeneville Moose Lodge!  Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and came out to support some local music.  We would also like to thank Jeff Malone, JB Johnson and all the Greeneville Moose Lodge barttenders, chefs and staff that were working hard last night so we could all have a good time.  Thanks Woody J for coming out, it was great seeing you and your wife again.  Thanks to all our friends who came out to see a fun-filled Acoustifried show!  This time with tshirt giveaways, it was great seeing you and we love to play for you all!  See you soon!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!   PEACE, LOVE & FRIED!


We here @ Acoustifried want to wish all our fans and friends a very Merry Christmas!

Also if you dont have any plans for New Years Eve, we would like to invite you out to The Greeneville Moose for what is gearing up to be a huge party!  Click the link and call the number to reserve tickets now while they still last!  We hope to see you there!  Til then, make sure you SHINE ON!  PEACE! =)

First off we want to say we had a blast at The Greeneville VFW!  And you showed us so much genuine support, so thank you all who came out!  We just love playing at the Greeneville VFW and we cant wait to be back the first Saturday in February 2013.  Thanks a lot to Billy for running such a great bar and grille and thank you to Donnie Bunch for coming out and bringing some of of his friends!  We were honored to be playing for so many of our nation's veterans and we look forward to helping out the VFW in the future.  Thank you for everything you do to protect the rights of the people and our nation.   Also we cant forget Jeff S.Malone, Lolita and Bradley and all the Greeneville Moose crew for coming out later in the evening.  You guys rock!  And we'll be playing at The Greeneville Moose Dec 31st, 2012 for the big New Year Eve Bash!!  Cant wait for that one!!! :)  If youre not doing anything this Thanksgiving weekend, come on out to The Country Club in Bristol!  We'll be playing both Friday and Saturday nights!  So until next time, KEEP! IT! FRIED!!

Here it is ACOUSTIFANS!  CDs are published and ready for sale!  Tonight, September 21st, 2012 @ The Lakeview Marina, our 5 song debut EP titled "One Hitters" goes on sale! Thanks to Stacy for burning all the CDs and thanks to Kevin Doran and Kathy for helping us put the actual CD cases together!  We really appreciate the help in getting this done!  But ITS FINALLY DONE!  Price will be 5$ and we will be giving away 10 CDs tonite at the lake in some fun contests the whole family can enjoy.  Over the weekend we will put a link up on the website so you can buy our EP using PayPal.  Hope to see your smiling faces on the dance floor tonite! =)  KEEP IT REAL! KEEP IT FRIED!  KEEP IT REAL ACOUSTIFRIED!  PEACE & LOVE!!!!

HI ACOUSTIFANS! We know its been a long time (since June!) of us telling you our CD is coming out and Lord have mercy the wait is finally over!  We are releasing our first ever 5 song EP this Friday, September 21st, 2012 @ The Lakeview Marina no matter what!!!  Well, unless it rains... If the weather is bad for the show on Friday then the release party will be moved to next weekend, Saturday, September 29th, 2012 @ The Country Club in Bristol! The 5 song EP will be signed by all the band members in a limited edition run.  We will be releasing the final version of the EP sometime in October!  Thanks again for being so patient with us!  We have ironed out the recording mishaps so next time we wont be teasing yall as much!! =)  Keep the love goin and the good times flowin, Friday is almost here!!!  PEACE! LOVE! & KEEP IT FRIED! =)

A really big and long overdue "Thank You" to the Greeneville Moose for having us out last weekend.  Wow, what a great time we had at that place!  The staff and bartenders couldnt be nicer and it was one the most fun atmospheres to be in.  To other musicians and music lovers, that room at the Greeneville Moose is one of the best sounding rooms we've played in ever!  Nice absorptive surfaces!  Stage sound is like being in a studio with that felt wall behind us! =)  Thank you Jeff Malone, Mark, JB Johnson, The Govenor and all the members and guests who came out to see us last week!  We have heard nothing but good things and we cant wait to be back for the New Years Eve bash!!  We were really surprised by all the love you showed us and felt very much appreciated by all the compliments, so thank you Greeneville Moose!  We'll be seeing you soon!  PEACE, LOVE & STAY FRIED!

Acoustifried would like to thank all our fans and everyone who came out to Lakeview last Friday night!  You all are awesome!  Thanks for making what we do possible!! Thanks once again Diamond Dave for taking great pictures of the band! We appreciate it! We had a blast gettin down and the weather ended up not being an issue.  A gorgeous evening with great people!  Looking forward to our next visit in September!  Acoustifried is off this weekend but we'll be back next weekend on Friday, August 24th @ Sonny's on the Lake!  Til then, Peace & Love! KEEP IT FRIED!


Just want to give a big big THANK YOU to all involved @ the Holston River Rally this past Friday & Saturday!  Acoustifried had a great time and we'd like to specially thank all the fans and riders who came out to watch one heckuva show!  Thanks to Diamond Dave for taking pics!  And thanks to Benny Wilson Band, Ivy Road & Retroville!  It was great being able to see you guys!  You are all awesome!  And last but not least thank you to Robert Winkle for running the sound!  It sounded perfect!  Just a great night with great memories!  Thanks again from Acoustifried


Thank you Sonnys Marina!  We had a blast and we're glad to be back for some more shows for the rest of the season.  Thanks to our fans who came out and nice to meet some new faces in the audience!  We'll be at the Covered Bridge celebration this weekend, click here or visit the website for directions.  Thanks again!  We couldnt do what we do WITHOUT YOU!  Peace, LOVE & Shine ON!


Some good news for our Acoustifried fans!  2 new originals are recorded and are now being released online today, April 19th, 2012.  Listen for free or download a copy!

Please visit or click the link below if you would like to listen to or download any of our songs.  Enjoy!  Keep it country!  Stay fried!


It's all for the Peanut Butter and Jelly Jam happening this Thursday @ The Electric Cowboy! A big thank you to Bo & also the crew @ WJHL-TV Channel 11 for making Tuesday's appearance lots of fun!  Also thank you again to Barbara Blaser for taking great photos!  Yall made us look great!!  Please, everyone come on out to hear some great local music and donate food to a good cause this Thursday.  PEACE!  FRIED!

Acoustifried original songs are now available for download at:

T-Shirts and Stickers will be available shortly as well.  Enjoy!