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What a fun weekend that was!  Thanks to everyone who came out to Biggies on Friday night!  We had an absolute blast playing for you all as always!  Thank you to all our friends who came out to check out Acoustifried and have fun with us!  We couldnt do it without you!  Thank you to the great waitstaff and bartenders that work @ Biggies in Kingsport.  Thanks to Mackenzie for taking care of the band and thank you to Diamond Dave for once again providing the fine photography work that you do, thanks a lot!  The whole band is looking forward to being back Friday September 21st.

Acoustifried played Saturday @ 1pm at the Holston River Rally @ Domtar Park in Kingsport.  Thank you for having Acoustifried out at this awesome annual event with some of the finest musical talent around.  We are honored and privileged to be playing on the same stage with such great musicians!  Thank you to everyone involved with setting up this rally every year!  We love it!

Acoustifried also played on Saturday night @ 8pm at the Coal Days Festival in Appalachia, Va.  We were very happy to be playing in front of such a receptive and warm audience!  Yall seemed to really enjoy our originals as well and we thank you all for giving us a friendly welcome!  We sold a bunch of tshirts and cds and we just want to thank you for your support.  We had a thrill the whole weekend and this was a great way to end it off!  We hope to be back to Appalachia sometime in the future!  SHINE ON and KEEP IT FRIED!  PEACE & LOVE!


Hey yall!  It was a night to remember out @ Lakeview last Saturday night!  We just want to thank all you great people for coming out and partying with us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We fought the rain together and WE won.  Yea!  We couldn't do what we do without you all, so thank you very much.  Thank you to the waitstaff and managers for taking care of all of us! =) Thank you Diamond Dave for the great photos!  We also gotta thank Dane Kinser for coming out and filling in on guitar for the past few months as well.  He's bound to Nashville soon and will no doubt make his dreams come true out there!  We wish him all the best!  We also want to welcome our newest member to Acoustifried, Dan Herrell!  He's going to be filling out our line up and we are looking forward to everything he can do! =)  Acoustifried is on a roll now!  We're taking a weekend off but we'll be back Friday, August 2nd @ Biggies in Kingsport & Saturday, August 3rd Holston River Rally @ 1pm & later that day we're headlining @ The Coal Days festival in Appalachia, Va @ 8pm.  3 shows in less than 24 hours! Hey, we're not dumb, were just ACOUSTIFRIED! =) PEACE & LOVE!


Thank you to everyone who came out this last Saturday to Sonnys on the lake, and thanks to those who wanted to come out but couldn't make it, we appreciate all the support!  We had a lot of fun, met a lot of new people and saw some good friends!  Thanks to all of you who celebrated your birthday with us, we are grateful for all the love and support yall give us, so THANK YOU!  A big thank you to Ryta and all the bartenders and waitstaff @ Sonny's.  Once again yall were very professional and friendly, what a fun place to visit right on the lake!  Thanks again for having us out and we're looking forward to being back again on August 16th!  This Friday night we'll be @ the notorious Al Capone's in downtown Johnson City.  $5 cover, Kevin Doran is opening @ about 10:30pm and then Acoustifried takes the stage @ 11:30pm.  Hope to see  you there, keep it real, keep it fried, KEEP IT REAL FRIED!  PEACE & LOVE! :)


Thank you Country Club for having us out to your awesome place!  Its looking better and better every time we come out there.  Its great to play at a place where the owner takes pride in keeping a well-run establishment.  Thank you Michelle!  Our favorite Bristol club to play at by far!  Thank you to all the bartenders and waitresses and bouncers for doing what you do!  We love you guys!  And thank you to DJ Trichrome and Willie for helping us with the lights and whatnot!  It was a wild & busy night but went really smooth thanks to both of you guys! Cant wait to be back August 9th and 10th for a long weekend of Acoustifried!  Until we meet again, keep it fried, 24/7 365! PAYCE! :)

Set your DVRs, VCRs and Betamax's, Acoustifried is promoting our EP, "One Hitters" on TV!  We released it last September and this Wednesday we'll be on the WJHL morning show to talk about the album and play 2 songs!  Tune in, Turn on and get FRIED OUT!  SEE YALL! :) PEACE & LOVE! :)

Had to make a separate post just for this night!  WOW WHAT A NIGHT! Sorry to anyone who missed it but we had a friggin blast out there @ Sonny's on the Lake last Saturday night!  We have never seen the dance floor that packed and we've never seen that many people trying to get into the place!  It was packed until closing time!  Thank you to all our fans and friends who came out to party with Acoustifried.  You are the reason we do what we do and why we are able to do it!  Too many friends to mention here but yall know who you are! Ryta, you and your bartenders and waitstaff run the best venue on the lake, hands down!  You couldnt ask to play for a better venue as a band.  Thank you so much for having us out to party with you and everyone there, thanks to Tank, Ryan and the bartenders and waiters for being real pros!  We're very proud to say that we play @ Sonny's on the Lake, keep up the great work everyone!  We are really looking forward to coming back on 4th of July weekend, this Saturday July 6th @ Sonnys!  This weekend Acoustifried will be at the Country Club in Bristol this Saturday, June 29th @ 9:30pm.  And remember, life is much better when you're Acoustifried!  PEACE & LOVE! KEEP SHININ' ON!!!

WOW!  These Acoustifried shows just keep getting better and better!!  This past weekend was just another great weekend for Acoustifried and we are just so honored to have the greatest fans and to be able to play at all the best local venues, we really couldnt ask for anything more as a local band playing in these Tri-cities.  Thank you to everyone who came out to see us open up for the one and only Jamie O'Neal @ the Covered Bridge Festival last Friday night.  Jamie's voice sounded amazing and she can really hit those high notes!  Shes the real deal and we are very thankful that WXBQ asked us to help out.  Thank you WXBQ, Jamie O'Neal and thank you to Robert Winkle, Robert Pickle and the whole crew for running the sound.  Nobody around here does it like these guys when it comes to mobile live sound stages!  We sold a mess of CDs and TShirts so thank you to everyone who bought one!  We gave away plenty of bumper stickers and autographed pictures of the band for free as well so if you didnt get one, come on out to show and ask us to get you one while we have some left.  Thank you again, we are very blessed to be playing for all of you.  Stay tuned, we have to thank Sonnys for last Saturday night, it was unbelievable with the biggest crowd weve ever seen there!

Hi Biggies!  Thank you and your awesome managers, waitstaff and bartenders for making this show one to remember!  And of course thank you to everyone of you who came out or wanted to come out but couldnt make it!  We love you all!  Thank you Diamond Dave for documenting the night so, as you say, "we can all remember what happened"!  Thank you Dane Kinser for being able to fill in on guitar, and thank you Jeff Wright for ripping up that banjo like nobody's business!  It all is just sounding better than ever!  Acoustifried is taking a weekend off but we'll be back at it again on Friday with the Covered Bridge Celebration and Saturday at Sonny's on the Lake!  So until we meet again, LOVE, PEACE & CHICKEN GREASE!  SHINE ON EVERYBODY!!  :)

Thank you to all you awesome people who came out to lakeview marina Saturday night!  We had a great time and it was packed to the rafters!  Too many friends to mention here!  Thanks so much we are blessed to have so many people who like to come out and party with us.  So Thank you, each and every one of you.  And thank you to the waitstaff @ Lakeview marina, it got really busy and yall did your best to keep up, so thank you all as well.  We invite everyone to see Acoustifried this Saturday night @ Biggies in Kingsport.  No cover!!  Thank you and til next time, SHINE ON & KEEP IT FRIED!! :)  PEACE & LOVE!

Thank you Sonnys!  We had another great time this past Saturday night.  Thank you to everyone who came out to party with Acoustifried @ Sonny's on the Lake!  There were so many friendly faces, saw some good friends, and made some new ones!  Thank you to Ryta for running such a great venue.  And a big thank you to the bartenders and waitstaff for being just some of the best people in the tri-cities area to work with.  Thanks Ryan & Tank for being mindful and taking care of the band.  What a difference that makes!  We cant wait to be back next month on June 22nd.  Also want to thank Dane Kinser for making his debut with the band last Saturday.  It was just sounding awesome!  He knows guitar really well and hes a real pro.  He will be playing with us until he leaves for Nashville in late July.  Dane, just remember us little guys when you make it big, ok? :) So be sure to come out to see some Acoustifried shows like youve never seen them before.   And J.r. is just killin' it as the frontman!  Wow, its like a whole new band!  This Satruday night from 7pm til 11pm we'll be gettin kinda country @ Lakeview Marina, Marker 2 Grille. We hope to see your smiling faces out at a show sometime soon! PEACE, LOVE & KEEP IT FRIED, TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN, THREE SIXTY FIVE!!  :)

We got a lil country this weekend thanks to everyone who came out to the Lakeview marina on Friday night and Country club in Bristol on Saturday night!  What a fun time we had once again.  Thanks you Jr Willimas & Diamond Dave for partying with us @ Lakeview and having your party with us.  Thanks to Sonny & Charlotte for coming out and taking some video of us.  We will be uploading it soon online.  And Thank you Barbara Blaser for coming out to take pics, we will be posting those soon as well.  Thanks to Willie and Michelle @ the country club!  Thanks to all the staff and bartenders that work there, they make the place so inviting and exciting to be in!  It was great meeting so many new fans and people and we look forward to being back at both places next month, June 2013!  If you arent doing anything this weekend, come on out to the Greeneville Moose Saturday night or Boozy Creek on Friday night.  And you know it, until we meet again, SHINE ON & KEEP IT FRIED!! :D  PEACE & LOOOOOOOOOVE!

Our band is absolutely blessed with the best fans!  Thank you to each and everyone of you for coming out!  Thank you Donnie Bunch for having us out as always, we really enjoy playing @ the vfw. Thank you to Scott Laster who gave 5 minutes of stand-up and had the place crackin up!  Its always a fun time when you and your wife are partying with us.  And thank you to Billie for having us out and taking good care of us and our fans!  We cant wait to be back this fall when booking starts up again.  Till next time, PEACE, LOVE & SHINE ON! :)