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We had a great time at our debut performance @ 11-E sports bar!  WOW! what a good time we had!  And the entire crowd there was just awesome!  Y'all showed Acoustifried some love and we appreciate that, and we dont forget things like that, so we plan on being back again sometime soon.  The bartenders and waitstaff were just great, the atmosphere was relaxing and the sound in the room was really good!  Looking forward to being back and partying again!  Thank you to Jeff, Lolita & Bradley for coming out to party with us and for getting Acoustifried to play @ 11-E sports bar!  Thank you to Diamond Dave for coming on out and grabbing some great pictures of the band, those photos are looking better and better each time!  See yall again soon, keep it real, keep it fried, KEEP IT REAL ACOUSTIFRIED!  PEACE!