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Thank you to everyone who came out to Sonny's last Friday night to see Acoustifried's last show out at the lake this season!  It was a night to remember... Thank you 100000x Ryta, you got one of the best cleanest most well-run places on the lake without a doubt.  We just cannot wait to be back next year.  Hurry up spring time! lol!  Your waitstaff and bartenders are great and we know our fans and the band are always in good hands with yall @ Sonny's!  Thanks Diamond Dave for the photos, they look great as usual, and Thanks Ryta for taking so many awesome photos that we steal and put on our website too, lol!  Ah, the memories we'll cherish for years to come!  Thanks for so many good times and everyone @ Sonny's have a great off-season from Acoustifried, see yall back at Sonny's in Spring 2014!  PEACE, LOVE & ACOUSTIFRIED!