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We cannot thank you enough, but THANK YOU anyways!  And thank you to the awesome waitstaff, Ryan, Tank, thanks so much!  Thank you to the awesome bartenders and of course thank you to the lovely lady of the lake, Ryta!  You know how to throw a party!  Thanks to Jp Lewis, Mike & Kelly, Denise & John, Melissa, the whole Hawkins county crew, Diamond Dave and Johnnie for coming out to party!  Thank you JJ for keepin an eye on our camera! ;)  & Thank you Ryan for having long arms!  We're gonna be back again in a few days on Friday, September 20th! Cant wait for that one, its gonna be our last show of the season at Sonny's until next year so were gonna be sure to end it off with a bang!  Lake season is slowin' but Acoustifried keeps rollin!  Check out our busy schedule for a show near you! PEACE!