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Thank you to everyone who came out last Friday and Saturday night to the Country Club bar & grill!  One of the best places to party in the tri-cities and we are honored to be invited to play there.   A big thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to see us get LIVE!  We couldnt do what we do with you!!  So thank you so much, we love it when yall go nuts!!!  And thank you Michelle and Willie for running an awesome bar and taking good care of the band and our fans.  Yall are just the best!  Thanks to DJ Trichrome for driving the Country Club cab all night long!  And thanks to the attentive bartenders, waitresses and staff for making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!  We need to do it again sometime!  Like how about this Saturday October 12th!?!?  Ok sounds good, ill stop talking to myself now and just say, Keep it real, keep it FRIED!  Keep it real ACOUSTIFRIED!  PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)