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Opening weekend at Sonny's was a success!  Acoustifried kicked it off last Saturday to a standing room ready to party!  We cant thank you all enough but we'll try anyways! :)  Thank you to each and everyone of you who came out to Sonny's on the Lake to party it up!  Spring is here and the weather was just perfect!  Thank you to Ryta for running such a good venue for us bands to play at!  And thank you to the waitstaff and bartenders @ Sonnys!  Yall know how to take care of some people!  Thanks so much to all our fans who came out to get fried with us!  We'll be at Sonny's all season long.  Check our schedule on the front page to see when!  Until next time, dont get denied... KEEP IT FRIED!  PEACE! LOVE! :)