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Thank you to everyone who came out to party with Acoustifried this past Halloween @ Biggies in Kingsport!  Yall had the best costumes out of any party we have ever played!!  We were all amazed at the level of talent and detail that went into all those costumes!  We're blessed to be part of such fun Halloween contest and party and cant wait to be back next year!  Congrats to all the winners!!  If you missed the funnest Halloween party in tricities no worries, just wait a year and we'll have it again :)  If you cant wait that long and just want to get ACOUSTIFRIED then come on out to The Country Club this Friday November 22nd!  Acoustifried is taking a few weeks off but we'll back well rested and ready to party November 22nd.  If you want some more Acoustifried RIGHT NOW! then we got videos on yoouuutube!  In the meantime, until we meet again, don't get denied..... KEEP IT FRIED!!!! ;) PEACE & LOVE!

We had a great time at our debut performance @ 11-E sports bar!  WOW! what a good time we had!  And the entire crowd there was just awesome!  Y'all showed Acoustifried some love and we appreciate that, and we dont forget things like that, so we plan on being back again sometime soon.  The bartenders and waitstaff were just great, the atmosphere was relaxing and the sound in the room was really good!  Looking forward to being back and partying again!  Thank you to Jeff, Lolita & Bradley for coming out to party with us and for getting Acoustifried to play @ 11-E sports bar!  Thank you to Diamond Dave for coming on out and grabbing some great pictures of the band, those photos are looking better and better each time!  See yall again soon, keep it real, keep it fried, KEEP IT REAL ACOUSTIFRIED!  PEACE!

Thank you for another wonderful time Greeneville VFW!  A big thank you to everyone who came out to rock out and get a little country with us.  Thank you Billie, you run a great bar and take care of the entire band and all our fans.  I think you're our favorite bartender but don't tell any of the other bars about that, we don't want any other bartenders to get jealous lol!  Thank you to the awesome chef @ Greeneville VFW, you hooked up the band proper!  We always have a fun time @ the GVille VFW and we cant wait to be back again coming up on Saturday, October 26th! Until we meet again, stay fried my friends~ :)  PEACE!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Sonny's last Friday night to see Acoustifried's last show out at the lake this season!  It was a night to remember... Thank you 100000x Ryta, you got one of the best cleanest most well-run places on the lake without a doubt.  We just cannot wait to be back next year.  Hurry up spring time! lol!  Your waitstaff and bartenders are great and we know our fans and the band are always in good hands with yall @ Sonny's!  Thanks Diamond Dave for the photos, they look great as usual, and Thanks Ryta for taking so many awesome photos that we steal and put on our website too, lol!  Ah, the memories we'll cherish for years to come!  Thanks for so many good times and everyone @ Sonny's have a great off-season from Acoustifried, see yall back at Sonny's in Spring 2014!  PEACE, LOVE & ACOUSTIFRIED!

Thank you Biggies for having Acoustifried and our Acoustifriends out @ your place back on Saturday Sept 21st!  We had a great time as usual and the waitstaff and bar tenders were pros all the way.  We just love playing at this place!  Can get enough BIGGIES!  Thanks Diamond Dave for the photos, you got an eye for photos... anyone who can make us look as good as you can has talent! LOL! Thank you to all our fans and friends for hanging out with us, we love to see you SMILE! Til next time, PEACE & LOVE from Acoustifried!


We cannot thank you enough, but THANK YOU anyways!  And thank you to the awesome waitstaff, Ryan, Tank, thanks so much!  Thank you to the awesome bartenders and of course thank you to the lovely lady of the lake, Ryta!  You know how to throw a party!  Thanks to Jp Lewis, Mike & Kelly, Denise & John, Melissa, the whole Hawkins county crew, Diamond Dave and Johnnie for coming out to party!  Thank you JJ for keepin an eye on our camera! ;)  & Thank you Ryan for having long arms!  We're gonna be back again in a few days on Friday, September 20th! Cant wait for that one, its gonna be our last show of the season at Sonny's until next year so were gonna be sure to end it off with a bang!  Lake season is slowin' but Acoustifried keeps rollin!  Check out our busy schedule for a show near you! PEACE!


Thank you O'Mainnin's Pub!  We had a great time as usual!  And thank you to everyone who came out to rock out with us in Bristol!  Thank you to Tammy & Joel, Cheryl & Robin - Its always a party when yall show up to make some noise with us!  Thank you Scott & Jo and your cool friends, David, Sherry, and I know Im forgetting like 4 or 5 more but thank you so much for coming to hang with us all the way til the end!  :)  Special thank you to David Manning for having us outside on the deck.  The weather was great and a good time was had by all!  We will be back @ O'Mainnin's on Saturday, November 9th.  This weekend Acoustifried will be playing Sunday, September 1st over @ Sonny's Marina, so come out to a show and get your SHINE ON Acoustifried style!  PEACE!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Chad Patrick and the whole gang for having us out @ the 13th annual Pig Roast!  Acoustifried had the funnest time ever!  WOW!  So much fun in one night!  We're going to try to be there next year whether Acoustifried is hired to play or not, it was just so much fun!  Thanks for Vitamin R for sharing the stage with us, you guys are not an easy act to follow, you rocked it out proper!  Respect!  And thank you to Scott Javens for doing a killer job on the live sound.  We heard from everyone that it sounded just phenomenal out front!  Thanks once again for having us to play, that sure was some good food!  Mmmmmmm, BBQ fooooood!  Until next time, Peace, Love & ACOUSTIFRIED!

Thank you to everyone who came out to party with Acoustifried last Friday night at Sonny's on the Lake!  We all had a blast and the shows keep getting better because of all of YOU!  We couldn't do what we do without you so thank you each and everyone who came out last Friday night!  We are honored and privileged to be playing for such great audiences!  Thank you Ryta and the whole gang running the bar and food @ Sonny's and doing such a great job keeping everything in tip top shape.  Thank you to everyone who decided to celebrate their birthday or pre-wedding party with us!  We LOVE IT!  Until next time, stay chilly chill with ACOUSTIFRIED!

Thank you to everyone who came out last Friday and Saturday night to the Country Club bar & grill!  One of the best places to party in the tri-cities and we are honored to be invited to play there.   A big thank you to everyone who came out last weekend to see us get LIVE!  We couldnt do what we do with you!!  So thank you so much, we love it when yall go nuts!!!  And thank you Michelle and Willie for running an awesome bar and taking good care of the band and our fans.  Yall are just the best!  Thanks to DJ Trichrome for driving the Country Club cab all night long!  And thanks to the attentive bartenders, waitresses and staff for making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!  We need to do it again sometime!  Like how about this Saturday October 12th!?!?  Ok sounds good, ill stop talking to myself now and just say, Keep it real, keep it FRIED!  Keep it real ACOUSTIFRIED!  PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)